This is the second year in a row that C3-Wireless was asked to provide the Wi-Fi network solutions for the Italian Open (tennis), one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. The Italian open was very unique and challenging for us in the fact that one of their main goals was that they wanted to provide a better user experience for the fans.

The Italian National Olympic Committee wanted the fans to be able to do normally what they usually do in their life, digitally that is. That means approximately 450,000 people over those 2 weeks needed to be able to share, post, upload pictures, make comments, find information, and so on and so forth. So it was our job to provide a free Wi-Fi network for all of those attendees and fans that went to the event. There is over 20 acres of space that we had to provide various Wi-Fi access points for, which they had never attempted to do before, but we accomplished it very successfully.

Another one of the committee’s goals was that they wanted to be able to have a meeting app and be able to drive people to download that app and promote the sport of tennis. By offering faster speeds through the Wi-Fi network and the captive portal that we provided, we were able to encourage people to download the application, thus helping the committee in their goal.

Finally, we needed to gather data in order to provide such an enriched experience for the attendees. We made remarkable progress on this throughout the Wi-Fi platform, proactively altering bandwidth allocation in certain areas that had heavier or lighter traffic than originally anticipated. Since the numbers change year to year, it is extremely important that we always stay on top of gathering information and making sure proactively that everything is working as it should.

Here at C3-Wireless, we are very proud to have been chosen to provide the Wi-Fi and network solutions for the Italian Open. We were chosen because of our choice of technology, and our highly reasonable, and well worth it, price. 


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