Wireless Security

Wireless Security
Security is the chief reason for not implementing a wireless network, and for good reason. Wireless removes the physical security barrier, allowing attackers to work from a safe distance. And even though wireless networks can be completely locked down, it takes advanced training and experience.

No single wireless security solution is right for every organization. Risk assessments must consider what is an appropriate, affordable and attainable solution. Companies must understand what security measures are effective and non-effective, and policies must be enacted. However, security can not be so restrictive that productivity is hampered. Finding the correct balance takes a strong understanding of what is possible and what is proper.

Legacy wireless security solutions such as WEP, Mac Filtering, SSID Hiding, Shared-Key Authentication, etc. are still prevalent today, and have well-known weaknesses that are easily exploited. Moving to standards-based solutions such as WPA and WPA2, based upon the IEEE 802.11i security standard, are required to ensure strong authentication, confidentiality and integrity while avoiding issues such as vendor-lock.

With so many versions of 802.1X\EAP available to secure wireless networks, knowing which ones offer the right combination of server and\or client digital certificates, mutual authentication, dynamic key generation, rotation, and distribution, manageable overhead, industry acceptance, standardization, and support is difficult.

Whether you require FIPS 140.2 compliant security, or just need to transition from WEP, our Certified Wireless Security Professionals have the knowledge and understanding to properly integrate a strong wireless security solution into your current systems, based upon both your business and technological goals.

If your needs include the ability to proactively monitoring the radio spectrum for the presence of unauthorized access points (intrusion detection) and automatically take countermeasures (intrusion prevention), then our experience with Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems from companies such as AirDefense, AirTight, and AirMagnet will differentiate us from our competition.

Wireless security is too important to not seek expert help. For more information, please call us today at 800-769-1132 or contact us here.

Our Methodology

Anyone can claim they do wireless site surveys, including those that walk around using free utilities that check for basic signal strength, without any training or understanding of how wireless works. That may be fine if you only need basic Internet connectivity, but if your network supports mission-critical applications, you need a professional-grade solution.

Our methodologies are what differentiate us from our competition. We start with the belief that combining the best tools and training with years of experience leads to the best wireless solutions available. Our formula for success includes the following:

Expert Certified Personnel

We start with a commitment to having the best trained personnel possible. We only employ or contract with Certified Wireless Network Professionals (CWNP).

We are proud to be a member of the prestigious CWNE roundtable, an exclusive committee of wireless experts dedicated to developing the highest level and most respect vendor-neutral certification in the wireless industry, as well as writing technical whitepapers.


Predictive Modeling

Predictive models, also known as virtual site surveys allow us to efficiently and accurately identify the number of access points required, as well as their initial placement and configuration. Modeling is ideal for creating "what if" scenarios that show us the effects of changes in real time. Our designs always start with a model which we then validate.


RF Spectrum Analysis

Because wireless networks operate in unlicensed frequencies, potential interference from numerous devices such as microwaves, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, video cameras, etc. can have a significant negative impact. RF spectrum analyzers are the only devices that can identify physical-layer interference, and no onsite wireless site survey is complete without this service.


Onsite Site Surveys / Validation

When the highest degree of accuracy is required for your mission-critical applications, there is no substitute for a professional-grade manual site survey.

Our surveys start with temporarily mounting the same access points and antennas that will be permanently installed. We then use professional-grade software to test not only for signal strength, but Signal-to-Noise ratio (SNR) to test the signal's viability, interference and data rates. Our thorough approach is the most accurate solution available.


Detailed Deliverables

Our reports spell out the facts, and leave no doubt in the customer's mind as to what the wireless network does or will look like.