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Wireless Analysis

C3-Wireless emerged from the systems engineering team of one of the largest healthcare service providers in the United States. We honed our skills by designing, securing, troubleshooting and training wireless networking solutions to support mission-critical healthcare platforms in challenging environments.

Throughout this process, we developed relationships with the leading wireless vendors in the industry. We also earned the highest level of wireless certification available - the prestigious CWNE (Certified Wireless Network Expert) of which there are only a few dozen members.

It was clear there was a significant demand for consultants with strong wireless skill sets, and a limited number of experts available. Since starting C3-Wireless in 2005, we've grown rapidly, building strong partnerships and earning outstanding references from numerous Fortune 500 corporations.

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Our Mission

We provide secure, reliable wireless network solutions to the SMB and enterprise market.

We strive to offer the best value by continually improving our methodologies, our business practices, and our customer service.

Every action we take is based upon our commitment to professionalism and respect with regard to our customers, partners and employees.

Our Partners

In addition to our numerous strategic partners and relationships, we are proud to be Cisco and Symbol (now Motorola) resellers, and a CWNP Premiere Solutions Provider. We are also one of 11 members of the prestigious CWNE roundtable.

Providing Wi-Fi and Related Services To Business and Government

C3-Wireless is one of the nation's leading providers of Wi-Fi and related services for business, government, education, healthcare and SMB installations. We can design and provide complete wireless implementations from the ground up or upgrade any type of existing implementation.

We will use our experience and expertise to design and create the proper system for your organization based on the technical demands required for your system and your unique business situation. We use a scientific approach when it comes to designing or upgrading any wireless installation and never rely on guesswork or unreliable methodologies. We use state-of-the-art predictive modeling tools and equipment and then validate all of our work with onsite wireless site surveys using professional-grade tools from companies like Ekahau or AirMagnet.

At C3-Wireless we specialize in the design, procurement, installation, configuration, securing and integration of SMB to enterprise-class Wi-Fi networks, but we also do so much more.

Professional Consulting Services

When you need to have a consultant come in and look at your existing wireless network for any reason, you need experienced, professional technicians who can come in and solve any problems you may have and do it the right way the first time, no matter what the problem is.

When the security and reliability of your wireless network is on the line, finding someone that can solve your problems quickly and correctly is what matters the most. Our professional consulting services are next to none and we have built a solid reputation within the wireless networking industry as a leader in consulting and troubleshooting.

Over the years we have also built a solid reputation in the business world and compiled a growing list of stellar references from businesses of all sizes in all industries, from the Fortune 500 down to small private businesses.

At C3-Wireless, our technicians have many years of engineer-level experience in designing, installing, training, securing and troubleshooting mission-critical systems, often in the most demanding of environments. Our company has grown up with the wireless industry so we have refined our equipment, tools and techniques over and over again as our industry has matured and the technology has advanced.

In fact, C3-Wireless is one of only 11 members of the prestigious CWNE (Certified Wireless Network Expert) roundtable, which writes whitepapers and helps direct the most respected wireless certification in the industry - valued by more than 70% of the Fortune 500.

When it comes to your wireless network, you really can't afford not to work with someone that is an expert in the field. The knowledge it takes to be an expert in this field only comes from continuing education and training and using only the latest and highest-quality equipment and technology. When you combine our experience and expertise with the best enterprise-class tools available, you have a company that can solve your problems quickly and reliably. Just ask our customers!

C3-Wireless provides professional Wi-Fi consulting services to SMB and enterprise-class networks, including site surveys, security, trouble-shooting, implementation and certification training.

We serve a diverse demographic throughout North America, but we are a global company and specialize in mission-critical implementations such as Wireless VoIP and latency-sensitive applications anywhere in the world.

We are also partnered with many of the leading industry vendors allowing us to offer you a solution specific to your needs.

Onsite Site Surveys / Manual Validation

When it comes to installing a wireless network, one of the most important things to do is have a manual pre-installation site survey done by a professional. When the highest degree of accuracy is required for your mission-critical applications, you really must have a professional do your site survey prior to installation.

Anyone with a wireless card and Netstumbler can claim they can perform a wireless site survey, but is that really the quality you want for your wireless network? Before choosing a vendor, find out what kind of tools, experience and training the technicians have. Do they use a scientific methodology, with an organized approach, and what references can they provide?

Our pre-installation wireless site surveys start with a predictive model and then we temporarily mount the exact access points and antennas as determined through the model. Without using the same hardware and locations that will be permanently installed, designs can easily be based upon false conclusions and end up being unreliable.

Only by thoroughly sampling for signal strength, signal-to-noise ratio, interference, data rates and throughput, with the same equipment that will be permanently installed, can problems be properly identified. Issues such as dead spots, co-channel interference from internal and external access points, and not having enough capacity per access point can all be resolved beforehand.

Strong signal strength means little if the noise floor is so high the wireless devices cannot reliably communicate, so identifying the existing SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) is critical. Even if coverage is adequate, certain areas may overwhelm the capacity of a single access point. No site survey is complete without an RF Spectrum Analysis. Only RF spectrum analyzers can identify physical layer (OSI Layer 1) sources of interference, such as cordless phones, Bluetooth, microwaves, etc.

Without gathering the correct information and then knowing - through extensive training and experience - how to make the necessary adjustments or recommendations, a wireless network design that can reliably support latency-sensitive, mission-critical applications is nearly impossible to achieve.

Wireless Network Troubleshooting

One of the most important services we provide and perhaps our greatest ability is being able to solve difficult wireless networking problems and fix broken systems. Many years of Tier-3 troubleshooting experience with latency-sensitive, mission-critical systems, combined with the highest levels of training, continuing education and state-of-the-art tools, has given us the ability to identify and resolve even the most challenging networking issues.

Wireless networks are significantly more complicated than wired networks. Understanding wireless networks is like learning a new language, and without extensive training, experience and the right tools, finding the right answers is unlikely.

When network issues arise, it can be due to an application, the client's device, the server, the wired network, the wireless network, or something else entirely. Without the facts and the proper knowledge and tools to diagnose, the solution can be difficult or even impossible to figure out.

By using the best-of-class RF spectrum analyzers and protocol analyzers available, we are able to definitively see where breakdowns are occurring. C3-Wireless has proven time and again its ability to find the answers quickly and accurately. In fact, many times we discover what was originally thought to be a wireless issue was actually a problem somewhere else.

RF Spectrum Analysis

One of the major factors affecting the performance of wireless networks is interference from neighboring devices such as microwaves, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, video cameras, etc. All of these devices can have a significant negative impact on nearby wireless networks. Intentional or non-intentional RF jammers and certain types of video cameras can also completely prevent WLANs from communicating.

An RF spectrum analyzer is the only device that can identify physical-layer (OSI Layer 1) interference, allowing network engineers to analyze, diagnose and locate the sources of interference. No onsite wireless site survey is complete without this service! Most WLAN management tools only measure OSI Layer 2-7 and do not measure or analyze RF interference problems.

Without a spectrum analyzer, a consultant might report that performance is slow, but cannot report that slow performance is caused by WiFi interference. They also will not be able to measure the effects of RF interference on specific channels of a network, or identify the type and location of the source(s) of interference.

Our RF spectrum analyzer can not only detect interference but can also apply classification signatures that quickly identify the type of interferer present. We can also provide full OSI Layer 1 interference mapping to help determine which frequency bands are clear before implementing a solution such as video monitoring.

Wireless Network Security

The security of a wireless network is the primary concern for everyone that uses that network. With a wireless network there is no physical barrier to accessing the network and it takes advanced training and experience to be able to completely lock one down. Once they discover a network that is not locked down, hackers and snoopers can work from a safe distance and feel fairly safe at staying undetected.

When it comes to wireless security, no single security solution is right for every network. A company will want to first understand which security measures are effective for their particular network and which are not, then policies should be enacted based on that. At the same time, security cannot be so restrictive that productivity is hampered due to tightened security.

Legacy wireless security solutions such as WEP, Mac Filtering, SSID Hiding, Shared-Key Authentication, etc. are still prevalent today, but they also have well-known weaknesses that are easily exploited. Current standards-based solutions such as WPA and WPA2, based upon the IEEE 802.11i security standard, are required to ensure strong authentication, confidentiality and integrity while avoiding issues such as vendor-lock.

Our Certified Wireless Security Professionals have the knowledge and understanding to properly integrate the strongest wireless security solution needed for your current systems, based upon both your business and your technological goals.

If your network security needs also include the ability to proactively monitor the radio spectrum for the presence of unauthorized access points (intrusion detection) and automatically take countermeasures (intrusion prevention), our experience with Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems from companies such as AirDefense, AirTight and AirMagnet puts us way above the competition in helping you to secure your network.