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Company Name City State / Province Country Service Provided
Hyatt Regency Baltimore Maryland USA Wireless predictive model....
Anthelio Hackettstown Maryland USA Hospital site survey....
UM Charles Regional Medical Center (formerly Civista Medical Center) La Plata Maryland USA Wireless troubleshooting....
ManTech International Lexington Park Maryland USA Wireless troubleshooting....
SES Engineering Mount Airy Maryland USA Wireless troubleshooting....


C3-Wireless is a global provider of high-performance Wi-Fi networking and can expertly implement your enterprise-class, wireless network anywhere in North America, Europe, Asia and beyond. Our clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies, government and educational facilities and major Internet companies, who all rely on mission-critical, uncompromisable operation of their networks.

However, C3-Wireless also specializes in designing, implementing, securing, and troubleshooting enterprise-class wireless networks in Maryland, across all types of industries. We service healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, hospitality, retail, educational and government locations, or anywhere else a mission-critical Wi-Fi network installation in Maryland is needed.

A Local Vendor or An Established National Wireless Networking Company?

Businesses across the world are becoming increasingly dependent on wireless networks. To successfully implement an enterprise-class, mission-critical Wi-Fi network, professional-grade wireless tools, wireless training and certification as well as extensive experience are all necessary requirements of the job.

High-performance Wi-Fi networking is still a very niche field. Here in Maryland, there are plenty of local IT gurus that can handle installing a basic, consumer-grade wireless network. However, if you are a business that needs to run your mission-critical system across a wireless network in Maryland or anywhere else, you need world-class experts with the special tools and training required to identify and design for the unique challenges each Wi-Fi network presents.

Maryland is the fifth most densely populated state in the county, with a population of about 5.7 million people, most of them living in the Baltimore and DC Metro area. This many people in this small an area presents its their own unique challenges in setting up a wireless network here and is why you need to find an expert for your wireless network installation in Maryland.

Before choosing a wireless network vendor in Maryland, make sure you ask them these questions:

- What kind of professional-grade wireless network tools do they use for site surveys?

- What steps or procedures do they take to ensure a successful wireless implementation?

- What kind of wireless networks have they successfully installed similar to what you need?

- What kind of wireless certifications do they hold?

The good news is whether you are a government or healthcare facility in Annapolis or a hotel in Baltimore, having the expert team at C3 Wireless implement your mission-critical Wi-Fi network is just a phone call away. We'll be glad to answer all the above questions and more, so contact us today to find out more about how we can implement your enterprise-class, mission-critical Wi-Fi network in Maryland or anywhere else!

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